Taking it to the Next Level

PhotobucketFinally, we’re almost done with our Cursive writing practice and this time, we’re taking it to the next level. Instead of writing cursive alphabets, I will be teaching him how to write and spell words in cursive. We will start by practicing how to write his name on cursive form. I have to be very honest that Milzon’s penmanship is not that good. I used to consider it as “HEN”manship rather than Penmanship. It might be one of his weakest points indeed. I hope his writing skills will improve soon. Just like what they said, practice makes perfect, so we should pay more time in his cursive writing practice. Wish him luck!

1 thought on “Taking it to the Next Level”

  1. raffy says:

    Mganda naman yung sulat sa papel sa pictyur

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