The Eye Strain

When the body is tense the eyes are also tense. Tension causes eye strain and impairs vision. Eyes sap up large amounts of energy and when overworked, bring about headaches and nausea. When eyes loses their relaxation you become tense, irritable and fatigued.

Normal seeing is the so called relaxed seeing. Defective vision makes the eyes stare instead of shifting rapidly. When staring eyes learn to shift and relax, vision is improved. Relaxation of the eyes and mind brings relaxation of the whole body, resulting to improved physical and mental health. Mental and physical relaxation results in relaxation of the eyes and when this occurs, vision is better.

Thoughts of dishonesty and hate cause the eyes to be shifty, thoughts of fear make the eyes cloudy, thoughts of love, joy, harmony, makes the eye sparkle.

If you have poor vision, picture your eyes magically acquiring x ray vision each time you remove your glasses. If you lose something in your house, remove your glasses and seek to find it with your xray vision. I know it sounds silly but it’s been known to restore weakened eye muscles by suggesting to the subconscious that eyes have enormous strength and the unusual ability to see others can’t.

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