The Rise of Nine

Hi guys, it seems that I’ve been missing a lot of things here in the blogosphere and I really hate myself for being not around. I’m just working with some important stuffs right now including my new job and my new business as well. Everything works fine for me in general except for my health. I’ve been suffering from my IBS lately and I think I have to visit my doctor to check me up. But then, I know God is good and he has plans for me.

Today, I will try to visit your blogs guys and I’ll do my very best to catch. Again, I’m really sorry for being so inactive. Anyway, moving over to the positive side, I’m done with our website and the products are ready to be featured. I will buzz more about it soon but for the mean time allow me to share my excitement about the recently released book of Pittacus Lore ~ “The Rise of Nine”


I have read the first two books and after a few months of waiting, the third installment is now available in the book market. You might be familiar with ” I Am Number Four” after a movie adaptation made last year. John Smith was portrayed by Alex Pettyfer. The film however did some unsatisfying modification in the story. It is a Sci-fi story that revolves around the aliens and the guardians who are hiding here in our planet. There are nine Gardes who managed to survive together with their Cepans. Their planet Lorien was merely destroyed by the Mogadorians. They hid here in our Planet and the Mogadorians are aiming to kill them. The Gardes can only be killed in numerical order. The first three was killed and they are currently aiming for Number Four. Number Four was accompanied by the rest of the remaining Gardes. Six helped him in “I am Number Four”. Six was focused on “The Power of Six” and other characters was also introduced including Seven and Nine.

I am so excited for the latest book. I wonder what are the other exciting events that latest installment has to offer.Anyway, thank you guys for your time. Will do a blog hop today. Cheers!

2 thoughts on “The Rise of Nine”

  1. small kucing says:

    Hey, Bluedreamer. Hope your health is better. Take care of health. It's most important thing

  2. yvonne says:

    Oh~ I watched the movie, "I am Number 4", not bad although the storyline is a bit "young" for me (I'm an old aunty) :p

    And all the best on your new business, Blu!

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