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After the Eucharistic Congress held in Sta Cruz Parish Church in Tanza, I discovered that they also have a convent museum which is open for everyone so me and my buddies grabbed the opportunity to take a peek. The Sta Cruz Convent was recently renovated and the museum was formally inaugurated last year. It features an overwhelming amount of historical memorabilia, antique furniture and life-size images depicted the historical “Oath in Tanza” P7130268tP7130270t

A historical marker indicating one of the most significant event in the history of Cavite. The Sta Cruz Convent also known as the Convent of Tanza, is a two story auxillary building of the centuries old municipal parish church in Brgy Poblacion 1 P7130214The museum was situated on the upper floor of the convent. Here’s a welcoming message situated on the corner of the stair landing. 
P7130267tThe wooden staircase towards the convent museum. P7130213This huge canvass will also welcome you. It depicts the historical “Tejeros Convention”. It was the meeting held between the Magdiwang and Magdalo factions of the Katipunan at San Francisco de Malabon (Now General Trias Cavite)P7130215tA huge poster showcasing the information regarding to the declaration of the newly inaugurated Sta Cruz Convent Museum as a historical landmark. P7130217tAntique living room furniture.
P7130218tA porcelain chandelier P7130219tAs I entered the first room, I noticed this well preserved brick wall. The white paint indicates the newly cemented areas but they kept some parts of the walls uncovered to show those old bricks from the centuries old church/convent.
P7130222tAn old shelf containing new books about the rich history of Cavite. P7130223tThis wall features various artists who had a major contribution in different field of arts and are also well-known Caviteños including Josefino Cenizal (a Filipino composer), Jose Joya (an abstract artist, National Artist), Justo P Torres Jr (Lawyer) and more.
P7130224tA picture of the late Mars Ravelo (Comic Artist) who is also a proud Caviteño. He is also dubbed as the King of Philippine Comics (more like the Filipino counterpart of Stan Lee. P7130225tPast Government officials and notable personalities in the field of Culture, Arts and Letters.
P7130230tSea shells and antique jars. P7130232tNewspaper and magazine clippings about the new convent museum.
P7130234tCheck out this cool antique porcelain telephone P7130237tAntique displays and decors.
P7130239tOld cabinet. I’m going to have a special post about this antique furniture so stay tune. P7130240tA long corridor that connects you to other rooms of the convent.
P7130243tAs you enter the most historical room of the convent, you’ll witness these bust sculptures too. P7130246tIf you’ll go back to my post about the Aguinaldo Shrine, you’ll noticed a small diorama showcasing the historical Oath in Tanza. This event took place in this exact same room and they got life-size figures to depict this important event in the Philippine history. P7130247tP8211308tThe diorama in Aguinaldo Shrine depicting the Oath In Tanza.
P7130244tRetelling of the epic Battle of Pasong Santol. P7130249tThe historical marker inside the convent.
P7130250tMiniature version of the Sta Cruz Parish Church P7130251tMini replica of the St Peter Catholic Church in Vatican.
P7130253tP7130254tDifferent flags of Philippine Revolution displayed on the ceiling. P7130255tThe black flag used by General Mariano Llanera who fought in the provinces of Bulacan, Tarlac, Pampanga, and Nueva Ecija.
P7130256tAn antique lamp P7130257tThe project implementers
P7130258tThe view of the church from the convent’s indoor balcony. P7130259tP7130266tAntique tables P7130265tCanvas painting of the church.

11 thoughts on “The Sta Cruz Convent Museum”

  1. rochkirstin says:

    This museum is a great site for students’ outbound education. Seeing figures based on real size on the actual place where it happened makes them realize what happened in the past more (and not just mere memorization of history).

  2. Twilight Man says:

    Thanks for sharing this fabulous museum and the antiques sure look interesting and unique. I was attracted to the porcelain chandelier which looked like my mum’s dining set bowls! Muahahaha

    Looking forward to your antique furniture post. Later on you will know why I have interests in Antiques.

  3. small kucing says:

    wow…the place is so well preserved.

    Good idea to expose bit of wall there to show how the old bricks was like

  4. Merryn says:

    As a child, I never liked museum. Now as an adult, I dare not bring my kids to one as they’ll be running all over the place >_< But pictures of museums attracts me. Maybe I just dont like BEING in there.

  5. Sometimes, we have to visit this kind of museum all over the Philippines and in other countries too. Historical places are the most-valued things we discover about the place. Cavite has a lot of such historical places.

  6. Lux says:

    The last painting is amazing.
    I could stay inside a museum all day.

  7. [SK] says:

    awww I remember this Sta Cruz which looks very awesome from the outside which you shared in another posts some days ago.. it is so well preserved and I actually like the idea that some parts of the wall were left unpainted intentionally to let visitors see its original structure.. and it doesn’t look odd at all, I would say it’s cool and actually blends well..

  8. [SK] says:

    there is just so many things to see and to admire in there, probably one could spend half a day lingering inside huh?? look at those antiques, they are indeed very beautiful.. and the life-size figures are impressive too, lastly not forgetting the other exhibits which give very good information about the history of the place.. nice share!! 🙂

  9. Jonathan says:

    Hopefully, a lot of people will see the importance of visiting museums. I just couldn’t believe why in my high school days, we never had any trips to the museums so that history could be remembered better. Love the wall!

  10. Franc Ramon says:

    This museum is an all around attraction it is a heritage site connected to the Katipunan and it has artifacts and also honors famous and influential people.

  11. Lili says:

    Love going to museums.

    I used to read comics and stories by Mars Arevalo.

    The telephone is not antique though. It’s just a replica of a 1930’s phone.

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