They Should Have Built it Stronger

PhotobucketRemember what happened to Ever Gotesco Mall? The fire that lasted for more than nine hours damaging million worth of properties? I wonder how devastating it would be for those tenants who are renting a space on that mall. I have heard that some stall owners tried to enter the mall to salvage their wares but no one allowed them to enter.

Who should be blamed? Who shall take the responsibilities of all the loses? Who will take care of all those damages? Well, on the first place, i think that the establishment itself is too old and weak thats why fire scattered immediately, destroying the entire place and turned them into ashes in just few hours. They should have made it stronger or better yet make use of steel building instead of weak materials. Well, the damage has been done but I am hoping that they learned something from that instrument. Since the mall is currently undergoing a renovation, i wish they could have chosen a strong materials this time to prevent it from happening again.

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  1. Mareeyah says:

    What caused the fire? That's the first thing to consider. If there wasn't foul play, then it could be unintentional leaving of something burning (like not properly disposed cigarettes, candles and the like) or it will have to do with the electrical system of the building, such as old, damaged wiring, overloading, etc. With these buildings though, most often, it's the electrical system that causes the fire. As one who've done markets lately, I empathize with the tenants of the building, especially those with small businesses.

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