Top Ten Instagram-Worthy Museums You Should Definitely Visit!

Exploring museums is always a great experience. Not just you are having fun but you are also learning at the same time. Interestingly, modern museums are not just for Science or history alone, they now offer all new different experience by showcasing unique and extra ordinary collections that will put us all in awe.

These modern museums are not just built to educate us but also to let us experience a one of a kind fun and entertainment. Marshmallow Room 4tToday, we are listing down ten of the most Instagram-Worthy Museums you should definitely visit. We are excluding traditional museums that showcase science and history so we may not be able to include National Museum of the Philippines, the National Museum of Anthropology, the Mind Museum and the others.

Down the Donut Holet

The Dessert Museum

One of the latest craze today – the dessert museum. The newly opened museum located in Mall of Asia, Pasay is possibly the sweetest of them all and when we say sweet, we mean it literally. Dessert Museum, as what the name suggests will take you to eight mouthwatering rooms filled with sugar-filled happiness. It is an interactive museum where visitors can explore candy-themed rooms, learn history about these desserts, savour real sweet treats and snap as many photos as you can. It is very interesting to note that the people behind the famous Inflatable Island is also the same people behind this unique attraction.

There are eight unique themed rooms to explore including the Donut Room, Marshmallow Room, Candy Cane Grove, Ice Cream Room, Bubble Gum Room, Gummy Bear Room, Cotton Candy Forest and Cake Room. The entire tour will last for about two hours and each one is entitled for 5 to 6 free desserts. The standard rate for weekdays is Php799 and Php899 for Weekends. You can Save more if you book your reservation online as they offer it at Php699. You can also try booking it at TravelBook here for greater discounts.
Photo Credit : The Dessert Museum
The Dessert Museum
Unit 124, 126, 127a, S Maison, Coral Way, Conrad Hotel Manila, Mall of Asia Complex
Operating Hours: Everyday 10am to 10pm

maxresdefault (1)t

Art In Island

Another interesting museum in the metro is located in Cubao, Quezon City. Art in Island is a unique interactive 3D Art Museum that not jut allow visitors to marvel these amazing 3D art but also to be part of the art itself. The wall arts are meant to deceive your eyes. The 3D Arts can create optical illusion that make you look like you are part of the artwork itself. The Museum was founded by Yun Jae Kyoung along with a team of 18 Korean Master painters. They created over 200 impressive 3D art that feature various themes like ruins in Egypt, North Pole, Safari, Underwater and a whole lot more.

Unlike the traditional museum where photography is not allowed or restricted, Art in Island is intentionally built for those who love selfies and this place allows you to take your selfies or groupies to an entire new level. The entire tour can last for 2 to 3 hours. The admission fee is at Php500 for Adults and Php400 for Students
Photo Credit : Prime Channel
Art In Island
175 15th Ave. Brgy. Socorro, Cubao, Quezon City
Operating Hours : Tuesday to Sunday – 9:30 am to 9:30 pm


Yexel’s Toy Museum / Yexel’s Toy House

A museum that will unleash the inner kid out of you. Yexel’s Toy Museum, as what the name suggests, is a museum that will showcase an overwhelming collection of toys! It is owned by Mr Yexel Sebastian who amazingly owned over 50,000 toys and over a thousand life size statues. Exploring his toy museum will give you a nostalgic experience especially when you see toys and characters that have been part of your colorful childhood.

The main branch was actually on Las Piñas, a four story building that features various toy galleries like Star Wars, Anime figures and 18ft Optimus Prime Bust. The museum however is temporarily closed for renovation. He also had a branch in Manila Ocean Park entitled “Amazing Stories of Yexel Museum” which highlighted a life-size replica of Iron Man’s lab, a replica of Game of Throne’s Iron Throne and a bunch of life sized minions. The Ocean Park branch, however, closed last February. Despite of that, Yexel will open two new branches this year including one in Southpark Ayala Mall in Muntinlupa this coming April 8 (Soft opening) and April 14 (Grand Opening) which is named as Yexel’s Toy House. Another branch in Fairview Terraces Mall is expected to open next month.
Yexel’s Toy House
Ayala Mall Southpark Muntinlupa City


Upside Down Museum

A museum with a twist and when we said twist, it means everything here is turned upside down! You do not have to travel abroad to experience this unique collection of upside down installations. Upside Down Museum is located just across the Star City and World Trade Center. The 1700sq ft building features over 15 different installation that are all intended to create an impressive illusion. The experience, of course, will not be completed without the help of your camera. Each installation are designed to create optic illusion yet the results are seemingly realistic.

Some of the most popular rooms include the Upside Down House, the Inverted Still Bridge, the Floating Corner and Leaning House. Aside from the Upside Down installations, you can also spot other impressive installments like the Giant Sneaker, Giant Headset, Floating Corner, Mirror House and more. Make sure to charge your camera and bring powerbanks as there will be a lot of photo shoots here. The crews are also friendly enough to assists you with the photos and they will guide you how to strike a proper pose for each installation. The Entrance fee for Upside Down Museum is Php450
Photo Credit : The Yolo Travel
Upside Down Museum
Boom Na Boom Grounds CCP Complex, Roxas Blvd, Pasay
Operating Hours : Tuesdays To Sundays – 11am to 9pm


Las Casas Filipinas De Acuzar

One of the most unique museums in the country can be found in Bagac, Bataan. Las Casas Filipinas De Acuzar is not your typical attraction indeed! It is generally an open-air museum showcasing heritage houses collected from various parts of the Philippines. Owned by Mr Jose Gerry Acuzar, the 400 hectare land in Bagac features more or less 30 Spanish houses that are all restored back to their glorious state. Take note that these historically significant houses are not just displays but also accessible. Meaning, visitors can have a chance to explore the interiors. Each house has its own story to tell and they are all adorned with wonderful intricate details.

It’s like traveling back in time indeed. The Las Casas Filipinas De Acuzar offers a bunch of interesting packages including a Heritage Day tour worth Php2000 (for Weekdays) and Php2500 (for Weekends). The package includes a walking tour, river cruise, kalesa ride and an access to Hotel De Oriente. If you want to embrace more of this place, you can also stay at Las Casas in any of their hotel rooms which rate ranges from Php 10,000 per night (and that’s only the cheapest of them all). You can check my Las Casas Filipinas De Acuzar tour here.
Las Casas Filipinas De Acuzar
Brgy. Ibaba, Bagac, Bataan


Pinto Art Museum

Another Instagram Worthy Museum can be found in Antipolo, the Pinto Art Museum. It is a private museum dedicated to the exhibition and study of Philippine contemporary art. As what the name suggests, Pinto Art Museum refers to “Pinto” or “Door” which serves as the gateway for modern and contemporary art. It takes you to a Mediterranean-inspired ambiance that is complimented with luscious greenery , white-washed coated buildings and serene atmosphere. Dr Joven Cuanang gathered all his art collections and put them all in display and eventually invited other local artists too to showcase their masterpiece.

The 1.5 hectare land features 6 huge galleries showcasing masterpieces from different contemporary artists including artworks by Riel Hilario, the Oblivious by Stephanie Lopez, Hallow man by Alab Pagarigan and more. You can check my list of 25 Most interesting Artworks from Pinto Art Museum here. The entrance fee to Pinto Art Museum is Php200. You can check more details about this museum in my previous entry (Check : Pinto Art Museum).
Pinto Art Museum
Grand Heights Rd, Antipolo, Rizal
Operating Hours : Everyday 9am to 6pm


Marikina Shoe Museum

When it comes to Marikina, we only have one item in mind ~ their shoes! It is not really surprising why they came up with a museum showcasing the item they are known for. The Shoe Museum was conceived in 1998 under then Mayor Bayani F. Fernando on the assumption that the City, being the Shoe Capital of the Philippines. It was opened to public in 2001.

Some of the notable items exhibited in this museum includes those famous shoes worn my former first lady Imelda Marcos and other well known personalities including former presidents, vice presidents, ambassadors and more. It also exhibits a life-size diorama that shows shoemaking in Marikina as was done during the early stages of its shoe industry. There’s also a giant shoe on display.  The entrance fee top Marikina Shoes Museum is only Php50 per person.
Marikina Shoe Museum
J.P. Rizal St., San Roque, Marikina City
Operating Hours : Everyday 8am to 5pm (with Lunchbreak from 12nn to 1pm)


Puzzle Mansion

If you happen to visit Tagaytay, make sure to include Puzzle Mansion on your itinerary. If you love Jigsaw Puzzles, then this place must be a paradise for you. As what the name suggests, Puzzle Mansion is a museum that features a huge collection of Jigsaw Puzzle. In fact, it holds a Guinness Record for being the biggest puzzle museum in the world. Owned by Georgina Gil-Lacuna, the museum showcases most of her finished puzzles which started as a private collection.

It opened to public in 2012 and it now houses more than 1,500 puzzle pieces. The puzzles in the collection also features various genres and subjects such as people, nature, historical event, religious figures, fictional characters, cartoons, corporate ads, as well as reproduction of paintings by artists such as Vincent Van Gogh, Michelangelo, Leonardo Da Vinci, Pablo Picasso, and more. It is also  bed and breakfast place too. The Entrance fee to Puzzle Mansion is Php100.
Photo Credit : Miked’s TravelPh
Puzzle Mansion
Cuadra Street, Brgy. Asasin, Tagaytay, Cavite
Operating Hours : Everyday 8 am to 6pm (Weekends til 7pm)


Doll Joy Museum

If you love dolls, then Doll Joy Museum is absolutely the right place for you. Dolljoy Factory and Museum was conceptualized in early 2007 with the intent of showcasing the innate talent of the Filipinos in designing and creating dolls. They even offer simulations to show kids how these gorgeous dolls are being made. The Museum houses a collection of 2,100 pieces of assorted dolls, toys and other items of interest related to doll-making.

It features dolls wearing different national costumes, dolls in school uniforms, dolls inspired from different personalities and a whole lot more. Unfortunately, the museum is only open for a group tour minimum of 30 pax. So if you are planning to organize a field trip, this place is highly suggested. Hopefully they will allow individual tours soon.
Photo Credit : Flatter My Senses
Doll Joy Museum
No. 31 C. Raymundo Avenue Caniogan, Pasig City
Operating Hours Monday to Saturday – 8am to 5pm


Casa Santa Museum

A place where Christmas never ends! I guess that is how you can perfectly describe this adorable museum in Antipolo. Casa Santa Museum houses over 4,000 Santa and Christmas related items! Located inside the compound of Jardin De Miramar, this place has been featured countless times in many Tv shows like Umagang Kay Ganda, Unang Hirit and more.  Although it is very ideal Christmas destination for kids and kids at heart, Casa Santa is open to public even it is not yet Christmas season.

Casa Santa started out as a small personal collection and it grew in size until it needed a house that can store them all and so the Casa Santa was born. “The Casa Santa was converted from a family rest house into a museum of Santa Claus collection in 1995. Some notable collection includes vintage snow globes, Santa in different national costumes, A Christmas village and more. You can Check my Casa Santa Tour experience here (Check Biyaheng Antipolo: Casa Santa). The entrance fee is Php180 Per head (minimum of 5 pax) but individual tours are allowed during weekends from from 2-4 pm only.
Casa Santa Museum
276, San Jose Ext, Padilla, Antipolo, 1870 Rizal
Operating Hours: Everyday – 8:30 to 5pm

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16 thoughts on “Top Ten Instagram-Worthy Museums You Should Definitely Visit!”

  1. Nicole P says:

    grabe. 2 out of the 10 pa lang ang napupuntahan ko dito… super gondo ni yexel’s toy museum hahaha and si upside down naman sakto lang but pag girl ka need naka bun ang hair para di mahalata lalo na pag paupside down ang shots hehehe… Gusto ko puntahan si dessert museum kaso hindi pa tapos yung icosplay ko na perfect for this candyland ❤❤❤

  2. Very good compilation of all the museums that worth a visit! I love to visit all museums during my travels to learn more in dept the history cultures of a place 🙂 Have bookmarked this to my to-visit list 😀 Thanks for this awesome sharing. Cheers, siennylovesdrawing

  3. I am able to visit only 4 from the list. I am so happy to learn that there are a lot of new museums available since we moved from Manila. I will definitely include these especially the Desert Museum on our itinerary as we plan to visit this June. Thank you for sharing these.

  4. Louisa says:

    Definitely bookmarking this. I’ve only been to a few on this list but have been wanting to go to most that you have here. There are some that seem a bit expensive like the Dessert Museum but probably worth it, right? I wish we had something like a Madam Tussuads here in the Philippines.

  5. Teresa says:

    We plan to go to Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar. We were supposed to go there last week but I had to postpone it due to my elbow injury. But we’ll definitely go there this summer with my boys. 🙂 I just need to finish all that I need to do for my book launch and fully recover from my injury.

  6. Marya says:

    I was really interested to visit the dessert museum as it looks so colorful, despite how pricey the ticket is for my budget. The 3d museum as well as the upside down could be found in a lot of cities in Indonesia, and visited some there as well so I’m not particularly interested in those.

    Since I was in college, I really want to go to Marikina, thanks to Imelda Marcos. But I didn’t get a chance to go there as I only had a really short layover in Manila once. Maybe next time I will visit the Philippines longer so I can explore more places throughout the archipelago. 🙂

    Although excuse me, the nerdy side of me actually want to go to Yexel’s toy museum. I wonder how long mr. Yexel managed to collect all the 50,000 toys he’s got. That’s amazing! 😀

  7. Mum Travels says:

    Out of these lovely places you listed, we’ve only been to one! Hah! I’ve always wanted to bring my little man to Yexel’s Museum ever since I found out he has a life-size replica of Lightning McQueen but we never found the chance to visit yet. I sure hope we can go there one day soon. I am also eyeing to visit Pinto Museum with my boys one of these days.

  8. innovation knows no bounds. But Milton, did you take any selfies in any of these museums? I don’t think I spotted you anywhere there.
    This post is simply superb for all those who want to visit offbeat destinations.

  9. These are great list of museums! We have visited some of those on the list but yet to discover the others. I think my kids would love the upside down museum, yexel’s which was on their bucketlist and the doll museum. I’d like to visit pinto art museum and marikina shoes! Bookmarking this post for future reference 🙂

  10. Indrani says:

    How sad ! I haven’t been to any of them yet. The displays are indeed captivating. And so good that they allow photography, usually many museums don’t.

  11. Maria says:

    Only been to one. Well of course, according to your list. Some of the museums here are very near to my place yet I’m that ignorant about their existence. These are truly Instagram-worthy museums that would really leave us wanting to stay there. Museums give a different vibe that just makes me want to stay there for a long time. I really have to reach another museum this 2018. My itchy feet are already wanting to go somewhere new and exciting!

  12. Haven’t been to any of the museums you’ve mentioned 😂 Just find myself too busy these days and prioritizing out of town trips with friends. But, definitely, when I have the time and an available friend, I’ll surely visit all. Top on my list are Dessert Museum, Pinto Art Museum and Yexel’s Museum.

  13. Berlin says:

    Bookmarking this. I have to schedule a visit in each place so that means 9 (because we’ve already seen one) x 5 (4 boys and so happy the other one is still a baby thus no fee). My boys would surely love seeing all these museums. Love the puzzle one.

  14. Wow, I heard about all these museums, but I didn’t get any chance to visit any of them. I love the upside down and the dessert museum, it looks like really interesting and amazing. The Las Casas Filipinas De Acuzar is truly not a typical kind of museum cause it offers an amazing view and history. It would be perfect to have a prenup shoot in there. Thank you so much for sharing this with us.

  15. Johna says:

    Yessss, I definitely agree that they are IG worthy! I’ve only been to 2 of them so far. My friends are actually planning to visit The Dessert Museum next week 🙂 I’m so excited – got my outfit ready and photo shots in mind hehe. I hope there isn’t a lot of people when we go!

  16. Natalie says:

    We love museums and always visit some when we travel. I like to plan an itinerary that includes the big famous museums but also like to get off the beaten path. We recently saw a museum devoted exclusively to bones. The upside down museum looks like the coolest thing ever. My kids would so love it, too!

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