Unforgettable Wedding

I remember last year, we attended a garden wedding. Actually, this is the best and the most luxurious wedding i have ever seen in my life. The wedding was held at FernBrooks Garden in Alabang.

The church is located at the center of a wide grass fields and no other huge establishments are being constructed nearby. The place is absolutely stunning especially the river site and it’s spectacular scene.

I just love every single details of the wedding. They also have these vintage cars and expensive limousines for display. You will surely go out with wide eyes open here. The foods are so great too!

Of course the highlight of the event is the wedding ceremony.The bride arrives with this elegant dress with bubble effects on the background. I’m sure the bridesmaid dresses are as expensive as the venue. Wedding is a once in a lifetime celebration so why not make it luxurious and unforgettable right? Whew, i wish i have enough money to afford such occasion for my bride hehe. But of course i have to find my bride first.

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  1. The environment is stunning..Looked like everything is so holy and gorgeous.

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