Visita Iglesia 2012 Part 2

Here’s a continuation of my entry about the Visita Iglesia that we did last Maundy Thursday. Okay, just like what i mentioned from my previous post, Visita Iglesia is a Roman Catholic tradition during lent by attempting to visit at least seven different churches or parishes. It is commonly referred also as “Seven Churches Visitation”. Here, We ‘re going to recite the 14 Stations of the Cross.

I was able to visit 11 different Churches that night and it was a very rewarding experience indeed. Actually, i was aiming to visit 14 churches to recite One Station of the Cross per Church but I failed to find 3 more churches that night so i ended up with 11. Anyway, I have my shift that day but I requested to go under time for me to accomplish my Visita Iglesia as a part of my yearly tradition. I am so happy that my superior allowed me even though it’s a critical working day considering that it is Holiday.

After my work, I immediately started my visitation. My first destination, St John Bosco Church Makati. It’s my first time here and I was pretty impressed with the church. I don’t have my camera that time so I took a picture online to show you how wonderful the church is.

I recited 2 Stations here, however, i failed to realized that i was holding a wrong leaflet and I can’t find any place nearby the church to buy one but i decided to finish the first two stations before leaving.

Will share more about my Visita Iglesia trip in my future entries.

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