Ways to Enjoy Your Summer

Summer is here and I’m sure you guys can feel it too. During this season, I’m sure most of you are now planning for your vacation to give yourself a refreshing treat. There are so many ways to enjoy summer and allow me to list down my personal suggestions.

 photo DSC09563_zps72194c9f.jpgTreat yourself with some Refreshing delights ! If you do not have a long term vacation and if you think you cannot go that far, then why not try to unwind yourself by trying off those yummy summer desserts. Here in my country we have this so-called Halo- Halo (a mixture of sweet ingredients with ice and milk) which you can find almost everywhere especially during this season. I used to buy one in Chowking but I am so eager to try Digmans soon. There are so many refreshing desserts to try on including Mais Con Yelo (a mix of shaved ice, corn kernels and milk), Saging Con Yelo (banana, milk and ice), and some refreshing fruit shakes too

 Travel somewhere far from the city. Summer is definitely a perfect time to travel and to unwind yourself from the stress brought to you by your heavy work duties. Sometimes it is nice to stay on a place that is way too far from the civilization just to pamper yourself up and to forget any of your problems. You do not have to stress yourself too much so why not go for an adventure that will give some sort of motivation. How about mountain hiking or other extreme things?

Hit the beach! For me, my summer will not be completed without spending some time with the beach. It is a great way to free yourself from such irritating weather condition. Hitting the beach , however, somehow bothers me because as you all know, I do not have a good body to showcase. Right now, I am way too far from that kind of body and I guess will never have one but hey, that doesn’t really matter at all and what I am aiming the most is nothing but to enjoy the rest of my summer so I am not welcoming any of that negative thoughts at all. Well, this is not the same case with my sister who is now very eager to find a new Sexy Women’s Underwear for her to wear. Oh well, it is actually not really surprising to me LOL.

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