What Is Your Dream Car?

Have you ever imagine yourself driving a luxury car? I always do! I am not a car enthusiast here but I keep myself updated with the latest developments or news about the automotive industry well not because I need to since it’s a part of my job but because I also find it quite fascinating. Yes, I’m working as a staff writer in a car-related website and I have been doing it for the past two years. I learned so much from this job, I learned the differences between a muscle car and a hot rod, a sports car to supercars. I also learned about the LS engines and their benefits and same thing goes about the horsepower and torque. Oh, and even the differences between a drag race to a street race. It’s more like a give and take relationship between me and my employer because I provide them the content they need and I earn and learn something new in return. However, since the company is based in US, most of the entries I made were related to American-made cars including Chevrolet, For, Dodge, Pontiac and more. Although it is not limited to supercars like Ferrari, Rolls Royce and Lamborghini.

I’m starting to like muscle cars and I wish to own one someday. Interestingly, since we’re in Asia, it’s very seldom to see them on the road so I only get the pleasure of seeing them through YouTube. Although muscle cars were great especially those with modified engine, some custom built cars I found online are simple bizarre including this Chevrolet Camaro wrapped in Gold Chrome and is also sitting in huge set of wheels (not to mention that gold chrome floaters). Just because it’s gold, doesn’t mean it looks classy and more expensive. There is many ways to increase a car’s value and customizing the car this way doesn’t seem so effective to me.
maxresdefaultqSpeaking of class, I guess nothing more can beat the classics. We found couple of luxury cars in Fernbrooks Garden. The cars were there for display purposes only and they even have a gold plated carriage (perfect photo opportunity). The car’s value are gradually increasing as they get old. The older the car is, the higher the worth especially if they are limited or special production vehicles. Those well restored classic cars are more expensive especially if they still got the all-original settings including the interior set up, the original paint and even those iconic emblems and markings will give these cars a decent value. 2_336751532lt2_884839259ltLuxury Cars on display at Fernbrooks Garden (I will blog more about this soon)
Anyway, owning such cars might be very impossible for me at this moment but who knows? Maybe I’ll win a lottery and will get a chance to avail one someday, right? For the mean time, since I can’t have a real muscle car (my DREAM car) yet, I might settle myself with any of those engaging Joy Jewelers car jewelry. They are car brand-themed pendants and I saw some great designs including a Cadillac logo and even some Indy500 themed pendants too. Well, you know, Christmas and my birthday is nearly approaching so I might include this on my wish list. I just wish Santa is reading this post OR at least ANY OF MY FAMILY member is READING this entry (LOL). I might give them a hint soon or maybe I can share this post on my Facebook and tag them all (haha *evil laugh)

7 thoughts on “What Is Your Dream Car?”

  1. mun says:

    Never want to own a car, too much maintenance!

  2. Twilight Man says:

    My dream car is a BMW 320i and that would be my next car. I would love to do your job and learn about all the cars.

    1. Bluedreamer says:

      love BMWs too

  3. agnes says:

    My hubby bought for me my dream car BMW X6, a display unit..I have never driven it because it is meant for display / decoration on the shelve..haaaa..I shall buy the real one when i become a millionaire..

    1. Bluedreamer says:

      haha I’m sure you will get a real one soon too.. i wish the same for me LOL

  4. Jonathan says:

    No idea about cars here. As long as mine brings me to places I wanted to visit, I’m happy with it.

    1. Bluedreamer says:

      true hehe thanks Sir Jo

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