What Makes A Good Food?

Are you moody or choosy when it comes to food? It is said that an individual’s attitudes toward food are constantly changing in accordance with his current emotional needs as these can be expressed or satisfied through the use or avoidance of specific foods.


It is a common observation that when a person is offered a food or viand new to him, his first question is: “Is it delicious or tasty?” And we seldom encounter someone who would say first “Is it Nutritious or good for my health?”

There are so many foods out there which are tempting and very scrumptious looking but what really makes a good food? Ideally, a food is good to eat when it fulfills the following qualities:

  1. It is nourishing and nutritious
  2. It has Satiety value
  3. It is prepared under sanitary conditions, aesthetically  and scientifically.
  4. It is free from toxic agents or does not contain substances deemed deleterious to health.
  5. Its what so-called “palatability” factors (color, aroma, flavor, texture, etc) satisfy the consumer.
  6. It offers variety and planned within the socio-economic context, (within the budget or suitable for the occasion)

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