Why The Church?

IMG_1610rtIf you’ve been reading my blog for quite some time now, you might have noticed that I frequently post about churches. Well, I have been into blogging for more than eight years now and honestly, I never settle into a certain niche. I remember being so active in blogging that I managed to create and update more than ten blogs all at the same time but none of them stick to a particular theme. After being on a hiatus for quite a long time, I decided to bring this blog back to life but this time I would like it to focus more on my personal interests and travels. I do not travel very often but if I do, I always make sure to include a church in all my itinerary. I am not a super religious guy here but there is really something about churches that attracts me!

Spiritual Enlightenment 

I don’t think it needs any more explanation here. One of the reasons why I visit churches is because I am continuously seeking for a spiritual enlightenment. I would like to make it clear that a person seeking for spiritual enlightenment doesn’t have to hop from one church to another because we all know it doesn’t work that way. Spiritual enlightenment can be achieved by building a strong connection between you and God and church is just a perfect platform to do it. In my personal experience, for someone like me who has been battling for a life time illness and who has been suffering from anxiety and depression, the church has become my sanctuary that whenever I am here, it always feels like all my problems are being washed away! It offers a different and unexplainable kind of comfort that no other places on this earth can offer.

Historical Significance 

Philippine has a very rich history and churches have become a big part of it. These churches have witnessed countless wars and heroes from different eras. One of the reasons why i love visiting old churches is because of their interesting historical significance. I am not an expert historian here but I just find it so amusing that most of these churches managed to survive all those challenges, that they are standing still despite of many decades and centuries.

A Mission

It has become a mission for me to explore various churches all over the Philippines. I know that it will surely take time but I will keep that as a personal challenge. Starting tomorrow, I will be posting a series of churches taken from my pilgrimage tours from Holy Week including the churches I visited in Las Piñas, Parañaque, Manila, Zambales and more!

0 thoughts on “Why The Church?”

  1. Twilight Man says:

    I would support your idea to post and share all your churches, beliefs and exotic places with the world. I have yet to see any Pinoy blogs that shared so many churches and written in English like yours. Keep it up! Mabuhay Milton!

    Those Manga, Anime and Movies blogs can let others do that…..

  2. Iba kasi ang datingan ng church beside maraming kasaysayan ang bumabalot sa simbahan mula sa banal hanggang sa di ka panipaniwalang mga istorya!

  3. Dhee Eustaquio says:

    This is the first time I have seen your post & would appreciate that you can share more posting of churches from your tour of the Philippines. Our country is full of old churches which has historical & religious significance. My hometown is San Juan & appreciated your posting of Santuario of Santo Cristo.

  4. Regen says:

    Hi, I like your blog.. It feels good knowingly that I’m not the only person love to visit churches in different part of the Philippines..

  5. Julieta Mora says:

    My family is to visit Kamay ni Hesus, for the first time, tomorrow. And I accidentally open your blog because i need to know first hand info about the place and things that we need to know. I was impressed with how you write and to consider that you zero in your blog about churches, for me it’s WOW! Keep up the good work Milton. You are on your way to spiritual enlightenment bro! You have me as your prayer partner, and keep me posted about the churches you’ll soon visiting.

  6. not everyone appreciates going to churches whenever they’re on tour. I also support the idea of going to different churches, catholic or from other congregations, for spiritual enlightenment and for historical significance. I appreciate its beauty, and its feeling of peace and comfort whenever I set foot on them.

    Hope you keep on travelling and blogging about churches! and nice to meet you on Blogapalooza! -Cristal

  7. Bella Cloud says:

    We have the same passion I am fascinated with churches. sometimes do Visita Iglesia alone even not Lenten season its more of self discovery and innermost spirituality hope you can travel more to share the experience

  8. Dawn says:

    I’ve been reading your blogs for quite some time and I actually noticed and also wondered why you frequently posts about churches so I’m glad that you posted this blog. 🙂 I’m not a catholic but I sometimes visit churches as well because the architecture, the culture and the spirituality behind it amazes me. 🙂

  9. Swayam says:

    I am sure you must be a calm person because of your church visits. Whether it is a church or a Hindu temple, all religious places soothe people. They have a calming effect. Keep writing this way, my friend.

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