10 Unique Themed Resorts Near Manila That Will Take You To Different Countries!

A resort that offers huge slides or even a wave pool is no longer appealing to many. Whether you are a millennial or someone from Generation Z, you definitely want to go somewhere that is more Instagram-Worthy. The impact of social media in this generation is simply overwhelming and it is not really surprising why many resorts today are embracing some cool gimmicks by adding amazing attractions. Some resorts will give you a quick tour around the world with their scaled replica of famous world landmarks while others will capture the atmosphere what makes you feel that you are exploring a different country.

Listed below are ten of the most IG-Worthy themed resorts near Metro Manila that will take you to different parts of the world!


1. Adventure Resort in Bulacan

You want to visit Paris but you’re on a tight budget? Well, you can just visit Adventure Resort in Norzagaray, Bulacan and witness the scaled replica of the famous Eiffel tower! Interestingly, it is more than just an art installation because people can literally access the replica and enjoy the panoramic view from above. Aside from the Eiffel Tower which serves as the centerpiece of this resort, you can also marvel other equally beautiful attractions including the Venice Canal, Statue of Liberty, Louvre Pyramid, Golden Sphynx and many more. Visitors may access the Eiffel tower attractions for Php75 but you can also access their pool for Php150. Read More : Adventure Resorts – The Next Big Attraction in Bulacan

2. Torres Farm and Resort in Cavite

If you’re from the south, you should definitely visit the Torres Farm and Resort in Naic, Cavite. A themed resort that features some of the world’s famous attractions and landmarks. The resort will take you from one country to another in just few steps. They feature some of the world’s most notable attractions including the Eiffel Tower of Paris, the Santorini of Greece and the Leaning Tower of Italy to name a few and they are still developing more! The centerpiece is the Santorini Replica which also serves as their reception hall. You can also rent Kayak and navigate through their man-made river! Read More – Instagram Worthy Resort in Naic Cavite – Torres Farm and Resort.
Rosegold-2Photo Credit : Calatagan Beach Resort

3. Stilts Calatagan Beach Resort in Batangas

Currently dubbed as the Maldives of the South. Slilts Calatagan Beach resort in Batangas is possibly the closest thing we can get to achieve that Maldive experience. It captures those iconic cottages above water which are absolutely picture-worthy. Not to mention the scenic view you can get during sunset or sunrise from their view deck. The place offers cozy accommodations which makes it a perfect summer getaway. Check their Rates here.

venues_1471585960_4711_6106Photo Credit : Bride Worthy

4. Cintai Coritos Garden in Batangas

After hitting Maldives, you’re just few drive away from Bali! Also in Batangas is this Bali-inspired Cintai Coritos Garden! Cintai Coritos which is an Indonesian word for love started as a rest house and eventually transformed into a magnificent garden. Adorned with many Balinese decors, this place offers a relaxing ambiance. The pools are surrounded with colorful gardens and there are free roaming animals everywhere from peacocks to donkeys. To top it all, this place is just few distance away from other famous destinations in Batangas such as the Taal Lake Conservation Center, Marian Orchard to name a few. There’s also another Bali-inspired resort in Batangas known as Villa Jovita which offers an equally amazing views and IG-worthy attractions. Check Cintai Coritos Garden Rates Here
30079396_205725223351468_8490146283917410304_nPhoto Credit : IG @jettsubaba

5. Goshen Resort in Tarlac

Let’s move to Rome! Goshen Resort in Tarlac is known for its Greco-Roman architecture. The centerpiece is the scaled replica of the famous Rome Colosseum. Interestingly, the place was originally built to hold events for a Christian Evangelical group. After it went viral to social media, it instantly became a popular attraction in Tarlac. The huge colosseum (the Dambana ni Yahweh) is adorned with other Greco-Roman-inspired decors including the Roman Columns and Roman Solider statues. Check Their FB Page Here

received_422584088180861Photo Credit : The NocturnalSaint

6. The Isdaan Resto Fun-Park in Laguna

From Rome, let’s move to Thailand! Although the place features a mix of Asian and Western references, one of the most beautiful centerpiece of Isdaan Resto is its Thailand-inspired theme. The place greets you with gigantic statues of Buddha, Mermaids, fishes and many more. There’s even a huge Gorilla on the sight. To complete the Thailand theme, Isdaan Fun-Park features floating nipa huts for a unique dining experience. Aside from the delicious foods they serve, you can also entertain yourself with tons of other activities like the Tacsiyapo, festive performances, magic, acrobats and many others. Check Their FB Page

7. Luljetta’s Hanging Garden in Antipolo

Moving back to Bali! If you are looking for a serene and relaxing place, the Luljetta’s hanging garden in Antipolo is absolutely the perfect place for you. It offers a picturesque view of the mountains. The centerpiece of the resort is the infinity pool overlooking Antipolo Mountains, Laguna de Bay and Metro Manila. It’s definitely an ideal place to unwind. Aside from the Infinity Pool, the place offers various amenities including a Jacuzzi, a wet and dry sauna, and a massage spa. Above all, they also offer delightful treat of Antipolo’s famous Suman and Manga. Read More : Biyaheng Antipolo : Places To Visit in Antipolo

8. Thunderbird Resort in La Union

There are many Santorini inspired resorts in the country such as the Camp Netanya in Batangas, the Balesin Island in Quezon Provine and the Vitalis Villas in Ilocos. In La Union, however, there is another 5 Star resort that offers an equally amazing Santorini-inspired atmosphere- the Thunderbird Resorts in Poro Point, San Fernando, La Union. It features luxurious rooms and villas, a myriad of dining options, recreational and wellness facilities, world-class casino, state of the art event center. Don’t worry, if you just want to take some photos and capture their beautiful amenities, the resorts are allowing visitors with very minimal fees!


9. Crosswind Resort Suites in Tagaytay

Get a taste of Switzerland with Crosswind Resort Suites in Tagaytay! It offers a Swiss-inspired atmosphere with buildings that made the place look like a small Swiss village! It’s absolutely picture-worthy and not to mention the serene atmosphere brought by huge pine trees. Another notable attraction in this place is the Santa House which turns this resort into a real-life Christmas Village similar to those Coca-Cola commercials. Read : Top Ten Christmas Attractions Near Manila To Visit This HolidayCheck Crosswind Resort Suites RATES here


10. Las Casas Filipinas De Acuzar in Bataan

Our country alone has many great places to offer. There are places that are rich in history like Intramuros in Manila or the Calle Crisologo in Vigan. Ancestral houses will remind us of our wonderful bitter-sweet journey during the Spaniards regime. Being an archipelago however makes it difficult to explore them all. Interestingly, this open air museum in Bataan will take us back in time! It showcases restored ancestral houses from different parts of the country. These buildings are not just for display purposes! They also serve as hotels that will give you and your family a unique Staycation experience. Read More : Travel Back In Time With Las Casas Filipinas De Acuzar

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