Tips on Proper Book Care

If you are a book lover, then these tips below might come in handy. Listed below are the tips on proper book care.

  1. begin to exercise care the first time you open a book. Lay the book on its back. Open it a few pages at a time, beginning with one side, then on the other. Press lightly along the bound (inside) edge as you turn the pages to minimize the stiffness. It also helps to prevent  “spine” injury.
  2. Make a habit of using a book mark instead of turning down page corners, or leaving the book lying face down.
  3. Don’t overcrowd book shelves to allow easy removal of books. otherwise the spine will be damaged if you do it by force.
  4. Stack flat oversized books such as atlases, art and music books.
  5. To preserve their binding, don’t let the books slump on partly field shelves. Use bookends so that they will stand upright.
  6. Set books near the front of the shelf to allow air to circulate at the back.
  7. Remember that too much heat will dries out books; too much moisture cause mildew.
  8. Condition leather-bound books for temperature changes with saddle soap or a fine paste wax. The best time to do it is when the book is new, then repeat every year or every two years.
  9. Mend torn pages with gummed rice paper, onion skin or tissue.
  10. Dust books every month with a soft clean cloth.
  11. Once a year, remove books from the shelves and dust them individually.

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