Special Non Working Holiday

Today is President elect Nonoy Aquino and Vice President elect Jejomar Binay inauguration. It was announced that today is a special non working holiday to give respect to our newly elect President. I think this is a great time to grab this opportunity to rest and relax at home and watch my favorite movies and also to track the latest happenings at the ongoing World Cup Event.

Would it be great if you have a big tv screen in your living room and have a complete set of home theater seating. You will sure have a great tv watching experience especially if you have a high definition tv. This is the most perfect way to spend your vacation or during your offs from work. It will, somehow, relieve the stress brought by heavy work loads.

I think I should start saving my money in order to buy this theater system but for the mean time, let me enjoy this one day vacation and relax! Have a great Day!

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