A Big Switch

Switching from an office work to a call center job is such a big sacrifice to me. I really had a hard time adjusting from a day shift work to a graveyard shift. I find the job quite stressing too not just because you are working overnight but also because i have to deal with irate customers everyday!! The only thing that i can be very proud of of this job is that i am working in a highly compensated company. The salary i am receiving here is thrice the salary i am receiving from my previous company. So i guess that sacrifices are worthy enough. Oh aside from the schedule shift, i also failed now to do those activities i am doing before. I never get a chance now to hit the gym. That’s why i am relly planning now to buy at least a used gym equipment so that i can still have time to do my exercise even i’m at home.  I think buying a used stationary bike or a treadmill is a great start.

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