A Book From my Colleague

PhotobucketSo far, so good, this is how i describe my job so far. I started to absorb the entire environment of my job though i really have to work on how to mingle with my colleagues and i have to get rid of being a loner guy. I have to start this year with a blast and I have to change myself for good. I’m not getting any younger so i have to live my life to the fullest in a way that i will do all the things that i want and all the things that I love. Actually, most of them used to invite me to hang out with them for a bit but i had to refuse their offer because I really don’t drink and I’m really not into it. Maybe there are other ways i can please them or at least to prove that i am not a “kill joy”. Anyway, one of my colleagues gave this book to me (photo on the upper left) . It’s James Frey and Jobie Hughes (Pittacus Lore) ‘s “I am Number Four” . I know that a film adaptation was released last year but I haven’t watched it yet so I have no idea how the story goes or how will it end. I am not really into reading but since he gave this to me, i will try my best to finish it. I will not watch the film yet either so that i will be more eager to read the book up to the very end. Right now, i am into Chapter 15 and I have 20 more chapters to read. 0_0…. I would like to grab this opportunity to thank him (you know who you are) for giving this wonderful book to me. Yay! So nice to receive a gift from someone who consider me as a friend. Thanks again!

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