A Crucial Experience

I was with my auntie yesterday because we decided to shop for some school items in preparation with the upcoming school year. As you all know, Milzon (my lil bro) will be turning in Grade 4 this June and I decided to buy all the necessary items for his school early this month rather than rushing myself when June arrives.

Anyway, this is not really the highlight of my story today because I would love to share you guys my experience with auntie who happens to be new into driving. Her hubby who went abroad left his car to her and asked her to take a driving lesson in which she did and she even got her drivers license. She knows the basic but I think she’s lacking much of confidence in hitting the road. Well, in result, we accidentally bump the car into a wall and leave some visible dents into it. Well, good thing it was not a major issue and her engine is still working fine. I remember how much i spent when i got involved into a car collision in which i had to replace some major parts. I am not really into this technical thing and I can barely name the parts of an engine. In fact I don’t even know what air pumps for or even those hydraulic boosters but I used to hear them much often. But of course, learning is process and I’m willing to learn more about these stuff pretty soon. Anyway , my car was not insured so i really have to shoulder all the expenses. Well, it was indeed a crucial experience in me and thanks God it never happened with my auntie.

And above all, we are both safe. I guess that’s something that we should be really grateful about. How about you guys, have you ever been involved in a car accident? How crucial it was and did you ever came to a point that you were advised by the technician that something has to be replaced? Feel free to share your thoughts.

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