A Promise

June is about to come which means another School year is about to start. I haven’t buy any school supplies for my little brother yet who will be stepping to Grade 1 this year. I am very excited because this is his first time to step into a big school. I am sure that he feel the same excitement too. He will be meeting new classmate and new place. But before anything else, since i have something to use for the money that i will be receiving this coming payday, i think i have to use my credit card first to buy him some school supplies. He keeps on reminding me about the school supplies that i promised him to buy and i don’t want to disappoint him.

Anyway, speaking of credit cards, io found a site last night that offers free credit report and instant credit scores in which i found very interesting. If you want to know more about the site, just visit them at www.creditscorequick.com and see what more the site has to offer.

Have a great day everyone! Happy blogging!

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