A Trip To Binondo : Lucky CNY Rituals In Lucky Chinatown

11123214After visiting the Seng Guan Temple and realizing that it is not too far from Ongpin St, we all decided to walk back to Ongpin. While we are on our way, we passed by the Lucky China Town. On my original itinerary, Lucky China Town is supposed to be our last destination since it is also the place where Vans bound to Baclaran can be found. However, after seeing the colorful decorations and fun activities in their Chinatown Walk, we decided to visit the place.
P2073042tEntering the Lucky China Town’s Chinatown Walk.
P2073045tThe Chinese lanterns put us all in festive mood!P2073052tThe Chinatown Walk features different booths where visitors can perform the so-called 8 Lucky Rituals for the Year of The Monkey.P2073049tI’m not sure if the rituals should be taken sequentially but the first one you will encounter is this huge Monkey lantern. P2073050tOne of the Lucky rituals is known requires you to “Pass Under the Lantern”. The fire monkey lantern symbolizes our wishes for a bright and prosperous year ahead. Simply walk and pass under the huge lantern and make your wish for the New Year. P2073053tAnother interesting activity in Chinatown Walk is the Wishing Wall and is also part of the 8 Lucky rituals. You have to deal with the long queue of people to get your ema board. P2073054tSimply write down your wishes and hang it on the wishing wall.P2073057tAnother ritual here is encouraging you to visit the God of Wealth, Cai Shen. 20160207_111553tPeople are tossin coin in front of his figure and make wishes!P2073060tRing The Good luck gong is part of the 8 Lucky rituals. Sound the good luck gong and find the inner peace and luck for the year of the Sheep. P2073062tYou can also read your fortune as dictated by your Chinese Horoscope sign. Here’s mine!P2073063tLocated on the center of Chinatown Walk is a huge Dragon frame. Simple complete the giant fire dragon by placing a stick of incense on the fire dragon frame. P2073064tThe head of the Fire dragon
P2073068tThe statue of Fu, Lu and Shou. The three Gods that symbolizes Prosperity , Status and Longevity. Lu is the one holding a scroll and symbolizes Prosperity, Fu the one dressed in Mandarin symbolizes luck while Shou the one holding the orb symbolizes longevity
P2073066tThe Prosperity GardenP2073067tFor this ritual, you just have to toss a coin to the Prosperity Garden and make a wish for good fortune. P2073061t20160207_112051tYou are also encouraged to light the first incense at the Buddha’s altar20160207_112128t20160207_112107tZXSFDFGGEMe and Mecoy under the giant Monkey LanternP2073177TAfter our Binondo trip, we went back to Lucky China Town only to find out that it becomes way too crowded because of the star studded concert that night. Check out the mall’s wonderful CNY decorationsP2073178T

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16 thoughts on “A Trip To Binondo : Lucky CNY Rituals In Lucky Chinatown”

  1. ROBERT LEE says:

    I used to live near Binondo/Chinatown. Nowadays it seems so foreign to me. So many changes and I think most of the Chinese there are the new generation of immigrants. So different from me, who was born and raised here and are is much a Filipino as a real Filipino is.

  2. Sheetal says:

    Amazing insights and the rituals are so informative. I never knew about these. Thank you 🙂

  3. Neri Ann says:

    Happy Year of the Monkey!!!

  4. I must say, you have a great photography skills 🙂

  5. Your photos are great!! Love all your shots! I’m planning to visit Binondo soon and have some food trips haha. Thank you for sharing!!

  6. Paolo R says:

    I hope next year i can experience the Chinese new year in Binondo!

  7. Marge Gavan says:

    I was there for the CNY too, but my friends and I didn’t go to Lucky China Town Mall. Now that you posted about it, I should have suggested this to my friends. I sort of tried to follow some CNY rituals, it would have been great if I was able to pass under the lantern too.

  8. Lee Rosales says:

    Back in college, i experienced cny in binondo. My anxiety kicks me coz im seein dragon dance and those big heads white faced man. So scary

  9. Nicole P says:

    This is a really festive event. I didn’t know there was such a thing as 8 lucky rituals… Although as 8 symbolizes infinity or something, I guess I see why. 🙂

  10. Cheryl F says:

    The place is so colorful. And it’s great that the colors are vibrant with your photos.

  11. Sofia Faheem says:

    aaah! Foodtrippin’ in Binondo!!You have to try Wai Ying next time you go back and try the asado <3

  12. TWILIGHT MAN says:

    The whole Chinatown looked so alive in red with so much festive decorations. Does your brother Mecoy still write his blogs??

    1. Bluedreamer says:

      nope.. i don’t know to him if he’s still willing to but I guess his work is taking too much of his time hehe

  13. I love how festive the place is! I have never been to Binondo but it surely gives that china feels.

  14. Sonnie says:

    Though Binondo is quite near to us, I have not been to lucky china town yet 🙁 . Maybe I should plan a quick visit after satisfying my crave for a noodle from Eng Bee Tin.

  15. jared's mum says:

    I miss the CNY celebration in Binondo this year! We were lucky to have experienced it a few years back and even my son enjoyed it! I sure hope we can visit Binondo again in the coming Chinese New Year!

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