Accept Your Age but Change Your Circumstances

Those who trundle along life’s highway blaming age, environment or circumstance  for their failure to get ahead are alibi merchantsattempting to cover up their insecurity, indifference, laziness and lack of iniative.

I have yet to meet a lazy man who is a success or a successful  man who is an alibi merchant.

Success is earned so as Failure. It takes the same degree of mental effort to reach either state. You cannot change your age but you can create your own circumstance and environment by the way you think, feel and act. You can succeed early in life or late in life , all that is required is the desire to succeed and the belief that you will succeed regardless of present age, environment or circumstance.

1 thought on “Accept Your Age but Change Your Circumstances”

  1. It depends on how we think. Positive thinking always help us live a healthy life. Just run toward what you want, you will not regret for it.

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