After Wedding Party

This picture was taken few months ago during the after-wedding party of my Cousin Avel. I was really impressed with the venue. It wasn’t that big but good enough to accommodate a number of guests. Aside from the nice and delightful dishes served by the caterers, it seems that they exerted much effort in decorating the place. The lighting system is simply gorgeous and undeniable inviting. I don’t know what exactly the wedding theme is but as you can see from the image above, it seems that they placed a lamp-like lighting fixtures which makes the ambiance immensely beautiful.

It was an overnight event and there was a private pool for the guests. I was actually with my mom and we decided to stay in one of their basic cottages. I am not sure if their using jandy pool lights but the place is truly inviting for me and I would probably consider this place in some of our future family events.  Anyway, allow me to grab this opportunity to greet my cousin and I wish you guys all the best. Have a great day to all and happy blogging!

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