Aiming for a Darker Complexion

Don’t you think it is quite ironic that most white people are aiming for a darker skin while those with dark complexion are dreaming to become whiter? I don’t know why but at some point, I do feel the same way with my skin. I have a white complexion but my skin isn’t that ideal because it is not that toned. Those parts that are frequently being exposed such as my arms and my feet are quite darker than my body and it is really frustrating especially if I would like to hit the beach because I just can’t reveal them at all.

I’ve tried tanning procedures before but it is quite expensive and very time consuming because I have to travel all the way to the clinic and enter their huge machine in order to obtain my ideal skin complexion. Well, good thing I have heard about those airbrush tans which is more innovative and more convenient for me. I haven’t tried it yet but I have read ab lot of positive feedback about it and I would probably try it someday.

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