Anansi Boys

PhotobucketJust like what I told you, I am quite interested with booksright now and I’ve been reading novels for 5 consecutive months now and I make sure to finish a book at least once a month. I’ve read Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows last November, I am Number Four last December, The Client last January, The Power of Sixlast month and now, can you guess the book I’m currently hooked with? Tim, once again, shared one of his books to me. I’m currently reading the Anansi Boys, written byNeil Gaiman. This is my first time to read a Neil Gaiman’s work though i used to hear his name before from some of my book-lover friends too.  I’m not sure with the story yet so I can tell any further details. The story revolves around Fat Charlie and his father who was an Anansi or God. Well, that’s all I can tell right now but compare to my previous books, this is something new to me so I’m pretty intrigued about the story and how far will it goes beyond my imagination.

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