Another Book For This Month!

Just got my first “Hunger Games” book today and I am pretty excited to read its content. For some reason, reading has become a habit to me. I never been so fascinated with books until I was able to finish reading a novel. Since then, reading has become a part of my daily routine. It was such a rewarding experience whenever you finish reading a book. It feels like an achievement that will persuade you to read more.

As for the genre, i prefer reading Science Fiction or some sort of Fantasy novels like Harry Potter or maybe some novels that involves mysteries will do. Romantic Novels is not my thing so do not expect me to read such things LOL. Anyway, I think it is very ideal for me to start using an eReader because it is quite stressing to buy books at bookstores and it is quite a hassle to bring such bulky books with you.  I’m not sure which brand performs well. I heard many good things about Amazon Kindle and its cool features though I also heard that Kobo is way cheaper among all the leading eReaders in the market. Based on some reliable kobo reviews online, kobo is quite heavier yet ideal enough for daily commuter. The life span of its battery can last up to two weeks which is pretty cool enough for me. Anyway, I can’t decide yet whether it is Kindle or Kobo or maybe Nook because I don’t know how much this gadgets either. Maybe I’ll try to check it online and if it’s way far from my budget, then I better start saving my money now to purchase it soon but for the mean time, let me enjoy my “Hunger Games” book first.

One thought on “Another Book For This Month!

  • June 17, 2012 at 11:33 pm

    Buti ka pa. I'm a horrible person with these book/movie fads. I guess I'm the kind of person na, when everyone's going crazy with a certain new book or movie based on a new book, I'll just be rolling my eyes and shrugging my shoulders and get on with my life without bothering to check even the plot summary of the book. Weird huh? Kagaya nung Harry Potter books, hindi ko pa rin natapos basahin… nasa Goblet of Fire pa lang ako, while sa movies naman, hindi ko pa napanood ang Goblet and I wanted to watch the movies in order. Yung Twilight naman, I've never read the books and have no intention of reading them. Napanood ko lang ang movie because it was showing during a flight. Glad you're enjoying your Hunger Games book… pero ako, it will probably be years before I get curious and get into that. 🙂


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