Another Phase of Renovation

The fourth phase of renovation in our house will take place this coming April. Errrr, you guys might be wondering why it took so long for a small house to be renovated completely. Well, to be honest, it really depends on my budget. As a breadwinner, I have to shoulder almost everything in our house. I am the one paying the bills, I am the one shouldering all the expenses (i let my mom budget everything when it comes to that matter though). And now that my sister is heading to college, I have to save more to secure her education. I am really grateful that God is giving me this opportunity to support my family financially. In fact, I was able to secure my sister’s first year and I just have to take a short break to pave way to our house’ renovation. It is almost done actually but we need more finishing touches though. We are planning to make our floors concrete and so as a part of my preparation, I went over to the nearest hardware to canvas some prices.
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Our kitchen has a ceramic tile finishing and we are planning to do the same thing with our living room. I just don’t know which color suits well with the one we have for the kitchen. Should I choose the same style or pick something else? The one we have in our kitchen is brownish red but I think if I will pick the same style, we must come up with lighter walls for a lighter atmosphere right?

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