Anti Child Violence Facebook Campaign

A friend tagged me yesterday about this new Facebook campaign. The rules for this new Facebook campaign are very simple. You just have to change your avatar into your favorite cartoon or anime character when you were just a kid. Well, this is not a non sense campaign; you will be doing this for a very good cause. The campaign aims to support anti child violence program. It is quite alerting that child violence cases continuously increasing every month. We might not there physically to support these kids; we can still help them in our very own simple way like participating in this kind of online campaign. We should not underestimate the power of social networking sites like Facebook. By simply buzzing about it, you can spread the message and let it dominate the web in an instant. You can still participate in this campaign and let your avatar stay until Monday. Let us also pray for those poor victims of child violence. Mine is Baku-Maru from a Japanese Anime, The Eto Rangers. What’s yours?

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