Bass , Lead and Rhythm

A person who skillfully and professionally plays a guitar may be called as guitarist but have you ever wonder why there are 2 or more of them in a band? Well, simply because each guitarists has a special guitar which plays certain function or purpose. This is something I have learned from my cousin after attending a school event in where in they delivered a special number.


Sorry if the picture is not that clear but right there on the stage is my cousin (the guy on the right), with his fellow band members. As far as I remember, they called themselves as “Intensity”. They are indeed an amateur band but having such great opportunity to perform on stage in front of many viewers is in fact a great stepping stone to nourish his skills in the future.

Going back to guitars, as what I have mentioned, each guitarist play a certain type of guitars. My cousin is a Base guitarist , the guy wearing white shirt on the left is their Lead guitarist while the person beside him plays the Rhythm. Bass or Base guitar produces deeper tones and bassists used to interpolate dead notes between slaps and pops to achieved rapid percussive effect. Lead guitars on the other hand are those higher tunes and usually used for song bridges and probably the highlight of each song performance. Certified rockers make use of those well known lead guitars like Jackson because aside from being high in quality, they got these very stylish looks that suits every rocker’s taste. Oh how I wish i know how to play the guitar as well. Sobs.

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