Being Scammed

Today, i will share you my experience about this Scam company and how they scammed an innocent applicant like me. It was way back 2008 when I decided to hit Makati and apply in some companies. And then here goes a company who was looking for some office staffs as a part of their company expansion.

I will definitely mention their name here so that you guys are aware about their modus operandi. Anyway, the name of the company is SIE (Solid Innovation Enterprise). The company is known for selling Water purifier and Refrigerator freshener. I wasm’t aware about the company so i decided to pursue my application,

Here’s how they scam their innocent applicants. They will organize interviews and they will even have a brief orientation about their company, when is the company established, etc etc. Of course, their words are very convincing, keeping all your doubts away. As a matter of fact, when they saw my resume, they even offer me a supervisory level with high compensation package, making me so attracted to the job. The process of application is as normal as the others except for their last and final exam. The exam will be done in actual where in they will require you to sell at least one of their products in a day. Meaning, you have to go outside, working as a promodizer, and you have to exert all your effort just to dispose at least one of their items.

This is the only way for you to be hired which made me realized that there is something wrong with the process. I am applying for the Office Staff Position right? They told us that our job will not be dealing with any sales so why do we have to sell their item just to pass their exam?

I backed out and then i searched about the company’s profile and i have read about their modus operandi. Well, the lesson here is that you have to conduct your own research first before applying to any company. Check the company’s history and ask some of your friends whether they are familiar with the company or not.

At the end, i just wasted my time, my effort and my money. Sigh.

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