Being Single For Life?

Being single is great but if you stay in that way for two years or so, then it is not fun at all and there is probably something wrong with you that you have to change before you stay single for good. I’ve been single for almost two years now and I really don’t think I am that satisfied with it. I really wanted to change and this is probably the right time to think something for myself.

Being the breadwinner is such a tough responsibility and I have to shoulder almost everything for my family even if it means that I have to throw away my personal needs. Sometimes, I was dreaming that I was able to establish my own family, marry a lovely wife and managed to have kids but I don’t think it will happen pretty soon because I don’t even have a girlfriend right now. Sigh.

I was watching the rerun of “Zoren Legaspi  and Carmina Villaroel” wedding last night and I was really inspired by the stunning proposal made by Zoren live on TV. It was indeed a surprise for Carmina and the moment that she said Yes was just amazing. I wonder if I could ever have that courage to propose to someone I love. I am a hopelessly romantic guy and I really love making surprises. I could probably offer a scott kay ring or something valuable to express my love but I don’t think I have enough confidence yet. I could probably take time but I ‘m wishing desperately that it could happen pretty soon considering the fact that I am not getting any younger anymore.

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