Being Tricked No More

We can’t deny the fact that there are some auto repair shop that do take advantage of their costumers. They used to charge their poor costumers inappropriately. Of course, the customer will do anything just for his or her car to be repaired even if it means that he has to pay the technician the amount that is quite inappropriate for the service that he got.

Well, here are some guidelines to prevent your self from being tricked.

PRETEND THAT YOU KNOW THE ISSUE: Be wise and try not to show them that you do not have any idea on what the hell they are doing. Try to show them smart are you and you are the guy that can’t be tricked easily. If they are aware that you know what they do, then most likely they will never dare to trick you.

COMMUNICATE: Always ask if you are confused. Asking doesn’t mean you d not know anything. This will show how interested you are. Ask them the root cause and how does it happened.

ASK ABOUT THEIR COMPANY: Try to ask them how long they have been in the industry and their history. This will help you to identify if they are really trustworthy or not.

But of course, if it’s really a reputable company like that Auto Body Repair Portland in Oregon, then there’s no need to to such things since you are ensured that you will receive nothing but honest and competent service.

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