Better Day And Better Service :)

If you are a certified Country Music fan, I’m sure you are aware about Dolly Parton’s newest album entitled “Better Day”. I’m such a big fan of Dolly and i really adore her being so “down to earth” attitude towards her fan. Her songs are undeniably great and something that i never get tired to listen with. Personally, i really like her “Jesus & Gravity” from her Backwoods Barbie album and I’m currently exploring the singles on her “Better Day” album. Right now, Dolly Parton will embark on her Better Day World Tour and unfortunately it excludes our Country sigh.

Anyway, here’s Dolly Parton performing one of her latest singles “Together You and I”

Dolly Parton shows that age is not a criteria to top the charts album. With her ageless vocals, I’m sure everybody will love her too. Yeah, aside from her almost ageless vocals, Dolly is a certified age defying country girl too. Everyone knows that she undergone several plastic surgeries like those procedures offered at Rodeo Drive Plastic Surgery Center in California. And take note! She’s not denying it because she believes that it is something the she do for herself that makes her feel younger which makes her so proud as well.

Since, i have mentioned that Beverly Hills plastic surgery Center, I came across a Youtube Channel last night showing the benefits you can get by choosing Rodeo Drive Plastic Surgery Center.

The Center offers “state of the art” facilities. You will see how friendly their surgeons and employees are too. They offer modern equipments too to provide satisfying results and experience to their customers. Just like what Dr. Lloyd Krieger said, their company meet the highest standard, providing nothing but the best service to their patients. Well, i was really amazed to see how huge their place is. I guess that’s what really matters most when it comes to plastic surgery whether you’re looking for los angeles tummy tuck, rhinoplasty or breast enlargement , what you need is a professional surgeon, a nice environment and a very satisfying service! Thumbs up for Rodeo Drive!

2 thoughts on “Better Day And Better Service :)”

  1. raffy says:

    I like Dolly Parton's "Just When I Needed You Most" and "Blowin in the Wind"

  2. Devin H says:

    Props to Dolly for still rockin and rollin, sounds great, and proof that some voices are just ageless/timeless. She does look a little funny though, if you ask me : /

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