Better Opportunities!

Few weeks ago, i mentioned to you guys that i am planning to leave my company this year. Well, i already informed my bosses about this though i gave them a different reason. I just don’t want to offend them by saying “hey sorry but i don’t want to work here anymore” or “sorry sir but i’m sick of this job” so instead of saying those harsh words, i simply told them that i have to give up my job because i am planning to focus more on my education. Well actually, I love my job and i love working in an office. It is a dream job for me actually, however, as the breadwinner of my family, i have to look for something that will offer greater opportunities.

Maybe i am really not meant for this kind of job and I know God has better plans for me. Who knows, maybe i will excel more if i enter some sales jobs or maybe i can use my teaching degree and teach preschool right?

I know there is a saying that “Opportunity only knocks once” but leaving my company doesn’t mean wasting the opportunity given to me. I guess it is very understandable to a guy like me to seek for something better. Besides, i am not doing this for my own, i am doing this for my family. ^_^

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