Blue Advantage

I talked to my friend Suzie last night via chat. Suzie is a close friend of mine and she’s now working and currently residing with her husband in Raleigh, North Carolina. We talked a lot of good things and check updates and latest happening from her. According to her, she’s doing well with her husband and their both planning to have a formal church wedding next year. She’s very happy with her life now and I am very happy for her success. My friend Suzie is a kind of person who wants to be doing everything ahead of time. She secures her future by saving money from her job. She and her husband also bought their own house in North Carolina which only means that both of them will be staying in that country for good. They’re all doing this for they’re future kids. Actually, she also mentioned that she get a health insurance recently with BlueCross BlueShield, a well trusted health insurance Company in US. She applied for Blue Advantage. It is a special health insurance package where you can get most of the benefits including dental insurance, 15% good health discount, and allow you to build your own group plan for your business. These advantages of subscribing under BlueCross BlueShield sound so good for my friend. I also told my friend to visit us once in a while and if I have time and if I have given an opportunity, I will visit her place so she can tour me in some of North Carolina’s great places.

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