Bonding with Mecoy (Melvin) Part 1

 photo IMG_0235.jpgMy brother and I had some fun bonding which rarely happens. We are the exact opposite in terms of of everything such as fashion, habit and more. How should I differentiate it? Well let us say he’s the cooler one and I am not and i love it that way because we don’t have to be very insecure to one another considering the fact that we have our own taste. Interestingly, we both managed to have time and we decided to hit Mall of Asia which I rarely do because I seldom go outside. We decided to have our dinner in Mang Inasal (check my previous post about this Filipino Fast food here) and we had some Frap in Starbucks. I will discuss more about our trip but for the mean time, I would like every one that it is Holy Week and instead of thinking of your vacation somewhere else, why not start praying because this is the time where we pay tribute to the sacrifices done by Jesus to free us from our sins. It is an ideal time to repent and ask for his forgiveness. I just went to Baclaran Church to confess and I am encouraging everyone to do the same thing. Have a blessed day!

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