Boodle Fight

997016_10201989660096395_356106717_nOur Legion of Mary Praesidium had a special function in celebration of our anniversary. We wanted to make it special but since we are paying tribute to the Yolanda Victims, we decided to make it simple yet fun and entertaining enough for us to enjoy. We had a very simple set of events and games for kids. Our meals are very simple too but it is done in a unique and delightful way. We had a boodle fight in which we arranged a long table and placed a lot of banana leaves on top. This is my first time to join a boodle fight and I was so thrilled that all the the meals will be mixed up randomly on top of the cooked rice. We had fried chicken, Pancit Bihon, fish, sauces, hotdog and a bunch of different scrumptious meals. What makes the boodle fight more interesting is the fact that you are going to eat using your bare hands with no spoon and pork at all. It is fun and a one of a kind experience indeed. The preparation were not done luxuriously but we hired someone else to fix the table for the replica of the Our Lady of Solitude. We can’t find any gingham tablecloths so we just used a pleasant-looking silk in replacement to it. Overall, the celebration was done very successfully and we are looking forward to a much more blissful celebration next year!

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