Box Head Mania

Milzon and I are so crazy over this Flash games  that we discovered recently. The game is called “Box Head” Your goal here is to kill all the zombies and Devils. This can be played as Single Player, Cooperative or Death Match. Cooperative is where both of you will joined force to kill Box head zombies. Boxhead is a great looking, smooth playing and action packed flash game. You can use cool weapons and awesome upgrades to reach your goal in this game.Weapons include Pistol, Mines, Charge Packs, Claymore, UZI, Rail gun, Shotgun, Grenades, Barrels, Fake Walls and the most powerful of them all, the Rocket Launcher. In Box Head 2Play Rooms, You can choose different rooms or stages. Milzon and I usually play the Death Match game. In Death Match, there will be no zombies since both of you will be opposing to others. The first player to reach 10 Points win the game.

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