Bringing The Classics Back

 photo hammond460_zps2fd5bf7f.jpgLike what they say, nothing beats the classics especially when it comes to music. Same thing goes with the musical instrument. We might have some modern advancement today and musics like rock, metal and some techno are greatly dominating above else. It’s quite sad that some old and classic music are somehow forgotten not because they are no longer great to hear but simply because there are no longer musical instruments capable of playing them.  Interestingly, I came across a site that features this so-called electro harmonix b9 organ machine , a musical tool that is capable of emulating the sounds from the most legendary organs from the ’60s and beyond. This can transform your guitar or your keyboard into some amazing that could take you back to the old days. Well, we may not have those classic instrument today but we can still bring them back through some emulators like this.

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