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We’re currently on the third phase of our house renovation and we just have to wait for one more month before it’s over. Renovation is quite costly indeed but it doesn’t bother me at all considering the fact that it is also for our own benefits. Anyway, after this long term renovation, I’m definitely going to save most of my income again in preparation for my upcoming business. As you all know, I started my Polymer shop a few months ago and I am very satisfied with the outcome. We keep on receiving bulk orders from our delighted customers and that inspired me to take this business more seriously. As of this moment, my shop is my home and they have to visit me there to place their orders but I think I should rent my own space now exclusively for my business. On top of that, I am planning to make this business grow and will try to venture more field including the printing business which seems to be pretty in demand recently. I have read several reviews and testimonials online and they unanimously stated that printing business is indeed a great start. And since I am skilled enough in terms of using software like Photoshop, I guess I could manage to run this business successfully. If it work perfectly, I am going to expand my business and will target online buyers eventually. Interestingly, I just found this web2print at, a service that provides web to print storefront and work flow solution. This is very ideal indeed especially now that the competition in the web market is becoming more tough. This could make your business more visible online and I wouldn’t mind availing such service in the future.

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