Ceramic Vs Granite

We cannot deny the fact that one of the dirtiest parts of a house next to the bathroom is our Kitchen and the dirtiest parts of a kitchen are no other than the kitchen sink and the countertops. These are the two main places where we usually work in. We cut, we chop, we wash, we store and we cook here so most likely, these are the places that are being exposed more to germs especially if you’re using ceramic or glass tiles. Dirt can be trapped if the grout is not being applied properly in each tiny spaces between each tiles. Ceramic is probably one of the cheapest finishing material available yet is is prone to germs and bacteria especially if the material is not being installed properly. They might be elegant and immensely beautiful in appearance but the durability and the quality is not so satisfying unlike the quality being offered by those granite Burlingame countertops. Granite is highly durable, heat and scratch resistant and easy to maintain. Though it is really necessary to maintain in as often as you can for a long lasting beauty effect, the quality is undeniably amazing. If you were to choose between the two finishing material, what would you prefer? Ceramic or Granite?

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