Cigar Consumption

If there is one thing in my dad’s life that he can never get rid off, it is most likely the cigarette. As far as I can remember, he went to a point that he’s consuming four to five packs of cigarettes per DAY. Good thing, he managed to take it down a bit, reducing his consumption with the help of my auntie who is a medical practitioner. She encouraged my dad to lessen his heavy consumption to avoid any worst health conditions in the future. My dad, on the other hand, followed her advise and I am grateful that he managed to lessen it a bit. He went down to one pack per day and I guess that is fulfilling enough for both of us.

I am not so sure but someone told me that my dad should take an alternative and replace his commercially manufactured cigar to those naturally packed like tobacco. I am not a medical expert and I can’t make any comparison whether which of them has higher amount of nicotine and which is more advisable for my dad. Perhaps, what i need is a cigars magazine to guide me much further. I’m sure they will include some detailed specifications for their products which allow me to choose more wisely for my dad. Any recommendation  guys?

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