Civil Technology is my Favorite Subject

One of my favorite subject when i was in High school is our Civil Technology class. Only few students were allowed to take this course and we’re lucky that our section is one of those few selected students. The subject is only available for boys and the girls are separated from us. As far as i remember, the girls took a course about Cosmetics and Home Economics. Oh well, we had so much fun with this subject and i learned a lot from it. Civil Technology is a very practically orientated subject which focuses on concepts and principles in the built environment. We used to have practical tasks here, building and creating different handmade products.

We have done projects like tables, cabinets, and chairs. My personal favorite would be the Muskoka chair or commonly known as the Adirondack chair. They are chairs commonly used for outdoors. It was actually a group project and the woods are already provided to us. All we need to do is to make it more appealing by using some fine abrasives. We coated it with varnish and presented it to our teacher.

I wasn’t aware that this chair is quite in demand today and most of them were made in a modern and artistic way. Adirondack chairs are commonly used at some outdoor cafes and restaurant and also in most of beach hotels.

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