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Are you familiar with the “Clean House” tv series? I’m such a big fan of this show especially when Niecy Nash is still hosting it, though I also love Tempestt Bledsoe. The main concept of the show is to give a certain house an extreme make over. In exchange, the family should give up some of their valuables or memorabilia and sell it for a garage or yard sale. The money that will be earned from the yard sale will be used to buy materials and new furniture for their house.

I was really inspired by this show, hoping someday it reaches out my country and be selected by them. It must be a great experience though i know the fact that this will never happen haha.

Actually you do not have to sacrifice your valuables just to have a little make over in your house. If you have enough savings, then you can simply get a nice Remodeling Service from some reputable agencies or companies. It’s much better to leave that job to the expert because they can finish the job in no time with no ease.

Lucky you if you’re in Oregon, because can have D. Johnson Construction to help you out. I came across their website last night and they got some great offers there. You can visit the site at

Happy blogging everyone and Have a great day to all

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