Cosplay Mania 2013 Part 2 : Nobita’s Escapade

If there is one guy who really enjoyed the Cosmania event last October, it is most likely my little brother Milzon. It was his first time to attend such event and same thing with my mom and my aunt. However my mom and my Aunt only went outside the main venue but Milzon managed to go inside with us and witnessed the entire highlights of the event.
 photo P1010033_zpse2eec009.jpg photo P1010030_zps7b44615f.jpg photo P1010027_zps103d5f6d.jpg photo P1010031_zpsbb98caad.jpg
Since this is a Cosplay event , Milzon dressed up as one ofhis favorite anime character. He’s Doraemon’s best buddy “Nobita”. Nobita is one of the main characters in Doraemon who is characterized as a very dependent boy, a lazy and clumsy one which really suits my brother well LOL. So today, lemme share you my brother’s little escapade as Nobita.
 photo P1010070_zps7a9cc113.jpg photo P1010069_zpse6364add.jpg photo P1010081_zps56b613e8.jpg photo P1010084_zpsf7e08fbc.jpg

Cosplayers usually act as their character but Milzon doesn’t have to act much because he moves and act naturally like Nobita hehe.
 photo P1010036_zpsebd3047d.jpg photo P1010035_zps36d4b693.jpg photo P1010060_zps2efe7ecc.jpg photo P1010076_zpsd6242889.jpg photo P1010072_zps02ef2592.jpg photo P1010026_zps2c9fbbde.jpg

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