Cosplay Mania 2013 Part 3 : Preparation in Cosplay

Here’s the third part of my Cosplay Mania series. Cosplay Mania is annually held here in our country which invites all avid Cosplay fanatics. Interestingly, this is my sister’s second time to attend the event. As a cosplayer, you have to express your versatility because you need to dress up as your favorite anime character and you should not stick to one character as much as possible. Last year, Mirasol attended the event as dressed up as “Misaki Mei” from the anime “Another”.

This year, she cosplayed one of my personal favorite female game character of all time ~ Claire Redfield.

Being a cosplayer is not an easy job because it takes a lot of preparation in order to imitate or mimic the character that you are dressing up. You have to find or better yet create the costumes, the props and of course, the hair style. Some characters will require longer hair while others are requiring them to be dyed. Next year, Mirasol is planning to cosplay Retsu Unohana who is notably known for her long braided hair

In this case, she could either buy a wig or avail clip in hair extensions to make her costume more realistic. My sister and I has so much fun with the event and allow me to share you some pictures taken from the recently held Cosmania 2013 event.

 photo mira1_zpsd306ce8b.jpg

We are so grateful to find another pair of cosplayers dressing up as two of the most iconic Resident Evil characters. It feels like a real RE2 reunion isn’t?

 photo mira2_zps6f714046.jpg photo mira3_zps78dca508.jpg

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