Cousin Ichan

(Cousin Ichan with nephew Kiko)

I was with my cousin yesterday and we had movie marathon again. Haha I guess we’re enjoying playing on video after another. I think we watched 5 movies consecutively. We have watched some comedy films staring Adam Sandler and Ben Stiller. The rest of the films are animated movies. They will be leaving tomorrow morning that’s why I am grabbing this opportunity to bond with my cousin. I know it will take another year before we can meet again. We’re done with our movie marathon yesterday so I am thinking of some other things to do to keep ourselves away from getting bored. Then suddenly while I am playing mobile casinos using my Iphone, I realized that maybe I can teach cousin Ichan how to play casinos. I told him about it before but we didn’t get much time to play it. Since he is a first timer, I guess I will let him use my account first or maybe I’ll introduce him to some sites that offer no deposit casino bonus. This will enable him to play the game with no charge which is a great start for newbies. Then later on as he get along with it, I will let him play those online casinos that has cashable casino bonuses. I’m sure he will enjoy it and will definitely play them, over and over again. But for the mean time, my cousin and I were scheduled to attend a mass today so I better start preparing now. Chow!

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