Cracking your Knuckles

Do you like cracking your knuckles as much as i do because of the popping sound it makes? Do you crack your knuckles to get the cramp out of your hands and fingers? Well, this practice

according to some medical experts will not give you arthritis when you get older, as the myth goes. But if you don not want to risk swollen finger joints and reduces hand strength, do not make a habit out of knuckle cracking. If you feel a cramp in your hand after a long period of writing, all you have to do is to stretch and bend your fingers. And if you still miss the popping sound, chew a bubble gum instead..(lolz)

2 thoughts on “Cracking your Knuckles”

  1. AngelBaby says:

    I don't like the sound of knuckles cracking so I have never done that. I have never understood why someone would want to do this.

    Have a wonderful Christmas.

    Love and Blessings,

  2. foongpc says:

    I used to like doing that last time, but somehow somewhere along the line, I stopped the habit! Well, pls don't get me started again….!

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