Debut Party at Ice Vodka Bar

Never been a party goer not unless I was forced to or if I really don’t have a choice but to attend an event. I don’t know why but I really don’t enjoy such thing and I would rather stay at home , sit in front of my PC and do the rest of my daily online blogging routine. I do have a boring lifestyle indeed but I’m definitely fine with it. Anyway, since we’re talking about parties, I remember I was invited by one of my close friends last year to attend her 18th birthday which was held in Ice Vodka Bar. This was my first time to visit a night bar. However, I’ve heard that the company went out of business early this year. It was her “debut” so it is really expected for her to throw a large party though I don’t think it is really necessary. Ice Vodka Bar is an Italian inspired bar that caters vodkas and other beverages. Pasta, Oyster, Salad and Wasabi are few of their specialties.

Not really aware with her birthday theme but it was creatively done and it seems that the event organizer exerted all his effort to make the said event more exciting. Ice Vodka Bar is very notable for their Ice sculptures which are displayed in random places of their establishment.

It was a buffet style party and the foods were satisfyingly great. I was impressed how they designed the place. They even placed lanterns and wall fountain to compliment with their theme. On top of that, I’m glad they didn’t play any disco songs during the event. I simply can’t bear with those upbeat disco club music at all haha.

I was with my Auntie and my cousin Ichan too. I really had so much fun that time and it was such  a rewarding experience. And you know what’s my most favorite place here?


Well it was the Chocolate fountain Corner. I kept myself busy here while everybody was paying their attention to the celebrant LOL.

7 thoughts on “Debut Party at Ice Vodka Bar”

  1. yvonne says:

    If I were at the bar, I would be fighting with you over the chocolate fountain corner, LOL! Chocolate is my weakness!!

    So your friend hits 18 years old and straight away celebrates it with vodka?? Wow! That's something~

    Your auntie knows your friend and got invited; or she just went as your guardian :p

  2. bluedreamer1227 says:

    haha no, actually me, my auntie and my cousine were all invited here. her family and ours are quite close to each other too hehe

  3. [SK] says:

    wow, how nice your friend is celebrating her 18 years old birthday in a night pub.. already can't wait to grown up?? :p

  4. [SK] says:

    but i think clubbing once a while is ok, social interaction with friends.. not like every weekend you go clubbing like some clubbers, that is a little too over i think..

  5. [SK] says:

    actually you can't say your lifestyle is boring.. because i am also like that!!! wakakakaka.. well, it's just very personal on how you life your lifestyle to be right?? different people of course like different things..

  6. [SK] says:

    hmmm, ice sculptures?? i didn't see any?? those seems to me just like arbitrary ice cubes being places in the club, hahaha.. 😀

  7. [SK] says:

    so while your other friends are enjoying the celebration, you were enjoying the chocolate fondue all by yourself?? haha.. you are real smart!! :p

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