Degaussing my Monitor

I had a horrible experience last night with my PC. Milzon accidentally placed a big magnet on top of my desktop monitor and after removing the magnet, the monitor went crazy because there are some discolored spots on my monitor which is really not so good to see. This discoloration usually happened to bulky and old type of monitors and i had the same experience before. So i tried to fix the issue myself by simply degaussing the monitor manually. Most PC degauss automatically after they are being rebooted but in my case, i tried to reboot the PC several times but the discolored portions are still there.

It is really simple to degauss a PC. Some people make used of magnets which is really not advisable because it will just make the condition  worst and there is a huge possibility for the discoloration to become permanent. Degaussing it manually using the PC controls is still the best thing to do.

To start, you just have to press the “Menu” button located somewhere in your PC Monitor. A small window will pop up on your screen showing some icons. Simply select the “Degauss” icon. The icons may vary depending on the model of your pc. Degauss icon usually accompanied by a picture similar to horseshoe. Press the Select button. You will know if the computer is degaussing itself because it makes a typical “dwoing”-like sound and, in some cases, distort the image on nearby screens.

In some cases, degaussing monitor will not work at first so you have to try it several times. But if the condition and the discoloration is still there, better bring your monitor to a technician.

Most likely they will use soldering irons or tape eraser to fix it. To avoid this scenario, you should keep those electromagnetic device away from your monitor like Speakers and cellphones.

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  1. marikoy says:

    Ganun? I almost always have my cp beside my monitor, coz I use a website that offers free texting to pinas, tapos I'd text my hubby via that website, then he'd text me to my roaming cp. I;ve been doing that for two years, di pa naman nasisira monitor ko. Hehehe. Although every time there's an incoming message, eh parang radar ang monitor and it goes a little bit crazy for a few seconds.

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