Doing House Chores

I hate doing house chores and I must admit that. Well, most especially when it comes to the tasks where I have to be so wet like washing the dishes or doing the laundry. Unfortunately, i have no choice but to bare with them because my mom always give us our own duties at home whenever she’s gone. I hope i can reason out that I also have a work to do but my job is merely done at home and usually, i am always alone in the house and they will be leaving all the responsibilities to me and that includes the house chores. How i wish we can upgrade our machines to make my work a lot easier. Washing laundry for example can be done by availing an automatic washing machine while doing the dishes can be done instantly through a machine like Kitchen Aid kuds35fxss. It going to be a great relief indeed not just for me but for everybody else. I will probably try to convince my mom about this and I am crossing my finger to get her approval. How about you guys? Are you fond of doing house chores?

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